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I am excited to offer gifted subscriptions and services made possible by members of The Story Forge community and other supporting creatives! 


I understand financial barriers make formal coaching and writing opportunities difficult to access. Now fellow creatives can contribute toward a gift fund, equal to a three-month "More Access" subscription, awarded to an applicant once the reserve is met. 


If you are serious about writing and ready to jumpstart your author journey but are unable to subscribe to the Story Forge at this time, you can fill out this application. 


*Submitting an application does not guarantee you will be gifted a subscription.


For information about "More Access" tier benefits visit The Dauntless Author Story Forge.


Fellow creatives have asked how they can help!

The more funds we have, the more "scholarships" we can award.


Each time the threshold is met, we will award a three-month Story Forge community scholarship with full access to resources, the exclusive community + its members, live Q&As, and other tier benefits. You can explore "More Access" benefits here.

If you would like to contribute to the Story Forge gift fund, you can contribute by pressing the button below.

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