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“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
– Albert Einstein

Includes ​​

  • 10-page story outline Developmental Edit with notes in track changes

  • A one-page summary with recommendations

  • Follow-up Call

I've helped many authors tighten their stories over the years, and I'd love to help you with yours!

This service is best suited for authors who plot their stories, who can see a full beginning, middle, end, and are well on their way to connecting the major plot points that need to happen in between. This is not a full manuscript edit, but a well-developed story outline (10 pages ~ 5,000 words). I will take an in-depth look at key structure points, pacing, character arcs, and the nuances of a good story that fall in between.

Includes a follow-up consultation and a one-page summary of my thoughts and recommendations moving forward.

Service and turnaround time dependent on my availability.



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